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As a mystery shopper, you are checking sales and service standards by order of our customers. As a rule, this is done personally in the actual place or by telephone.

Furthermore, as an apparently ordinary customer, you will contact outlets or branches of e.g. car dealers, banks, oder retailers. You will ask for advice about a product or a service without revealing yourself as a mystery shopper.

Afterwards, you evaluate your shopping experience by means of a standardized questionnaire and submit us the results.

Before such a test, you will be given all necessary information on which requirements you have to meet during the test. As a rule, the information will be provided online as well as the transmission of the results.

For your activity, you will receive a lump-sum payment which covers your expenditure. If you are asked to buy products, your costs will be repaid. You will receive your payment when you have successfully accomplished the test.

Depending on the country, you will either carry out these tests as a freelancer or you will be employed temporarily. In most cases, you will not carry out just one but several tests. Often, you can combine these tests with other activities such as shopping, window-shopping etc. Looking at the FAQs, you will find a multitude of possible questions concerning the activity.